Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Diego Binetti began his journey from Miami International University of Art and Design, known as the International Fine Arts College in 1991, to later completing his education at the Institute of Maragoni in Milan Italy. As his first experience in the industry, he worked as an assistant stylist for Antonio Bordonaro and Brana Wolf working with multiple fashion houses and international publications such as Bvlgari and Italian Vogue.

Binetti’s unique and ever changing vision landed him a position in the design team at Jill Stuart and went on to becoming the brand’s creative director from 1995 to 2000. Binetti has also worked for several European and Asian fashion houses as creative consultant including: Kyuso –Belgium, 2005, Twin-Set with Simona Barbieri –Bologna, Italy 2006, Abaco-Paris 2007 and “Pride Glide with LOVE Binetti” for Onward Kashiyama 2008 – 2009 Tokyo-Japan.

The Binetti collection was founded by Diego Binetti in September 2001, following which, the sister collection; LOVE Binetti was launched in 2011. The recently established LOVE Binetti line caters to the traveller and nomad by heart; the modern girl with that city-slicker edge.

LOVE Women are free spirited citizens of the universe that constantly strive to redefine the rules through self-expression and creativity. They thrive in the rich cultures from all corners of the world that they so love to engulf themselves in. It is with this confidence that LOVE Binetti presents each collection to these empowered women that have found an understanding that LOVE truly does make the world go around.